Missing the Mark (Job 4:1–5:27) - Job Exposition

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Though the particular words used by Job’s three friends vary, they share a common theme: Job was experiencing calamity because he had sinned. If he would simply repent and ask for forgiveness, all would be well with him. But this missed the mark. In fact, he was not suffering because of a lack of faith but rather because of and for his faith. Chapters 4–5—as well as the remainder of the speech cycles—highlight this truth. We will consider chapters 4–5 under the following headings: 1. A Sincere Introduction (4:1–6) 2. A Simplistic Observation (4:7–11) 3. A Sensational Revelation (4:12–21) 4. A Cruel Admonition (5:1–7) 5. A Creedal Exultation (5:8–16) 6. A Condescending Exhortation (5:17–27)

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