AMANDA HOLMES: Mastering Leadership, Productivity, and Spirit, with Jeramiah Solven - Be the Leader EP104

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Amanda Holmes is the CEO of Chet Holmes International - a company which has assisted over 200,000 businesses to grow over the last 25 years.

Previously, the company was built and ran by her father and renowned sales expert Chet Holmes.

Amanda didn't set out in life to become a CEO of one of the best sale consulting companies on the planet, the path chose her.

At 24 years old she inherited her fathers business and had two choices: fight or flee.

Not only did Amanda choose to fight but she thrived when she took over.

She doubled the company's business in just 12 months and continued to revolutionize the way the company led the marketplace.

On today's episode, we dig into the responsibility of inheriting a massive company, how to lead an older audience, and how to keep your future bright while living toward your fullest potential.

Take notes, sit back, and enjoy!

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