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Another great place to start is right here. Listen for 7 minutes a day as we walk through the book of 2 Thessalonians one bite at a time. Click on the hyperlink for today's episode or subscribe for a daily email at bewithme.us
Paul is grateful about the brothers and sisters. He is directionally grateful in sending his thanks TO GOD. This beats just a warm feeling in his belly.
He leaves us with a couple of pointers about prayer. We lowered the bar a few podcasts ago to un-complicate prayer. Just mention them. It is a great place to start. Today, we are reminded about frequency of prayer. Think of a scale: 0 is maybe thinking about or planning to someday pray. 1 is praying for somebody ONCE. 2 is twice. 3 is often. 4 is constantly. Our charge today is to move wherever we are on this scale up a notch.
Thank you for being here. Come back tomorrow! See you then for another 7 minutes.

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