REFUSING To Get On The Forever Bus S9e5 2thes2:10

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Today we'll hear about a group of people that refuse to love the truth; that do not believe the truth and that even take pleasure in doing the wrong thing. These are people who have the "FOREVER BUS" of being with God forever come by, stop in front of them, and open the door. They have agency and choice and opportunity, at least for a time, to GET ON THE BUS. And yet, they REFUSE the loving of God, His ways, and His people.
Needless to say, there are consequences of such refusal. Trust me, you won't "like" any of them. But they are out of our paygrade. This is a matter for the sovereignty of a holy God who only does the right thing. Our problem is that we just don't understand eternity right now, so we'll probably judge incorrectly.
The point is to BE ON THE FOREVER BUS. Take the current, temporary, opportunity to LOVE THE TRUTH, Believe the truth and do the right thing. Don't refuse the opportunity when it is right in front of you. Get on that bus. There's only one bus. Don't miss the chance. Please share, like at and, apple, google, Spotify, podcasts, etc.

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