Starting With Your “POOPY-BUTT” S7e8 Jim1:26

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Listen 7 minutes as a three year old gives us our lesson. It starts with the phrase, "POOPY-BUTT". If you are three, you'll think this is a HILARIOUS term, and you will barely able to contain yourself. The use and restraint of the use of this term is an important milestone of being three. Words have POWER, especially POOPY- BUTT.
Similarly, adults have the same lesson as we learn the power of the tongue. It is a mighty power that best is under control of some bridle or restraint. We can use this as a marker for Christian maturity. God asks us to look into the mirror, or in this case, "listen into the mirror" to see how we are doing in this area. Please share with your favorite adult, or 3 year old. Subscribe at

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