What Are We Doing with the 20th Pick, Potential Falcons Trade, Shopping Around Anthony Miller, Darnold Trade, and what should we expect in 2021

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Austin and Reece are back! This week has been trade talk heavy. Darnold finally got moved to the Carolina Panthers, does this pave the way for the Bears to trade up in the draft? Are the Falcons at 4 an option? The guys discuss. Anthony Miller is being shopped around, we will see him go, and what can we expect to get back for him? In general, what the Bears will do in the first round is a mystery. Are they going QB? Trading up? Trading Down? The guys explore the possibilities. Finally Austin and Reece ponder what we should actually expect in 2021. At least we won't go .500! Thank you all for the continued support! Manscaped is a paid sponsor of the Bear Necessities Podcast: to help support the podcast financially, please check out their website and use code BEARNECESSITIES for 20% off and free shipping!

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