Beauty In Aging

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I HATED MY SKIN!! Lines, wrinkles, sagging, crow’s feet, dark spots, dry and dull skin – I hated all of it!! I was angry and frustrated and felt taken advantage of by all the promises of beautiful younger looking skin by companies whose toxic concoctions just made my skin worse. (I know many of you have felt the same way.) When I researched “clean/green” companies I found many of them blatantly lying about the safety of their ingredients. I wasted so much time and money on products with false promises. (How much money have you wasted on products??) So, I decided to do it myself. I learned how the skin works and what it needs as it ages, I learned to formulate organic skincare and how to nourish the skin. I created a skincare company that specializes in anti-aging, whose ingredients all started as plants, are organic or wild-crafted and not only reduces the appearance of aging, but cares about, and nourishes, the health of your skin. I created this podcast as a place for me to do my best to educate you on all aspects of aging, because it’s so much more than what you put on your skin. I’ll use my background as a chef, holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, esthetician and skincare formulator to help us all age with grace, dignity and a whole lot of sass.

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