125. The Aligned CEO - Seasons of Entrepreneurship

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Find out what season of entrepreneurship you are in by taking the Seasons of Entrepreneurship QUIZ!

In this episode we are talking about the Aligned CEO. As an Aligned CEO you are in a season of embodiment, abundance, and harmony between life and business. Listen close as I dive into:

  • What you're experiencing and feeling in this season
  • Where you want to be and what goals to set in this season
  • My advice and tangible next steps for you in this season

Grab your notebook because this is going to be JUICY!

Here's your Invitation to join the lifetime group coaching experience, the BecomingCEO Society !!

This society is for you if you want to ask questions, get support, refine your boundaries, talk through how to handle tough situations, and more. The society is about making the decision to choose YOU and the decision to create a thriving and successful business without the stress and overwhelm but also to have that support for things that may not seem business related but are. Of course, it is heavy on sales and marketing too!

Check out the show notes for more information including links and resources mentioned in this episode!

Thanks for listening! Connect with me on Instagram: @mrskayhillman

SHOW NOTES: www.mrskayh.com/episode125

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