Episode 10: How to use Clubhouse to talk about your upcoming virtual event, with Bre Donofrio

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Three things you will learn today:

  1. How to leverage clubhouse for your virtual event
  2. The importance of keeping each event fresh
  3. How to grow your followers from zero

Our guest today:

Bre has 15 years experience in the virtual event industry. When COVID hit, everything changed.
Harnessing her secret sauce she’s amassed over 15 years, with 1K+ planned events, at worldwide venues, with audiences surpassing 40,000+, she’s delivered some of the most impactful virtual events and experiences imaginable.
Now, she’s teaching entrepreneurs, experts, and business professionals how to shift from in-person to virtual without losing the excitement, feel, and community that events bring to the table.
Today, we’ve invited her to talk to us about How to use Clubhouse to promote your business or virtual event.

Get in touch with Bre:

  • @bredonofrio on clubhouse & instagram

If you would like to engage with the hosts and guests you can join us in our Community for a chat, there you can meet likeminded individuals looking to create successful virtual events.

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