Episode 4: How can referral marketing help your online event, with Gaetano Caruana

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Three things you will learn today:

  1. How to amplify you marketing efforts by leveraging your existing audience
  2. How to build a community feeling around your online event
  3. How to identify mini-influencers in your audience

Our guest today:

On today's episode we have Gaetano Caruana, founder of EarlyParrot. Gaetano’s mission is to help educate entrepreneurs and marketers leverage word of mouth, which is the oldest and most proven marketing and sales channel that can help propel any business - including online events. In the past 5 years, Gaetano has done 100s of one-on-one calls with various businesses, generated hundreds of thousands of referrals resulting in millions of dollars in revenue.

Get in touch with Gaetano:
- Facebook

- LinkedIn

- Email Gaetano
- EarlyParrot
- Get the ebook from the episode here.

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