Episode 5: How to expand your virtual events with a coaching business, with Katie Zaccardi

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Three things you will learn today:

  1. How to start your online coaching business
  2. How to integrate your coaching business with online events
  3. Group coaching vs 1-2-1 coaching: pro's and con's.

Our guest today:

Katie Zaccardi is a music career coach for musicians, music teachers, and music coaches, helping them grow their careers & their bank accounts while ditching overwhelm, self-doubt, and burnout for good. Growing up in New York, Katie watched her parents run an online commerce business and knew she would be an entrepreneur…someday, somehow. After dedicating 10+ years of her life to the music industry as a student, indie artist, and music industry professional, and creating a life of freedom, abundance, & music for herself, she founded "Out to Be" to give women in music the tools, support, & motivation to do the same.

Get in touch with Katie:

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