Episode 8: How to transition from in-person to virtual events successfully, with Bridget Bray

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Three things you will learn today:

  1. Launch a new event in under 6 weeks
  2. How to transition an audience that may not be used to (as many) virtual summits or the concept of pre-record/on-demand experiences
  3. Creative ways to source speakers

Our guest today:

Bridget Bray founded BBNY Group LLC in 2012. Since then she has launched and delivered numerous events and experiences focused on food, heritage and history.

With over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing and event management - primarily across the food space - Bridget creates events and experiences to connect people over common interest areas.

Get in touch with Bridget:
Past to Apron | Culinary history | same handle for Insta, FB and Twitter: @pasttoapron
Sleuthability | Genealogy and DNA | @thegenealogyevent for FB, @genealogyevent for Twitter
Ireland Collective | Irish food, drink, craft & design | same handle for FB, Insta, Twitter @irelandcollectiveny

Email: bridget@bbnygroup.com

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