A Joyful Life with Jennifer: Physical Energy Influencers

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On our second part of our energy influencer series, today Jen will discuss physical energy influencers. Physical influencers really involve the awareness that you have about what your body is telling you and how proactive you are in taking care of your physical self.
These influencers really create physical wellbeing, and we all know that when you are feeling physically strong, physically active, you really have the best chance of experiencing the energy you need to complete all of the things that are important. When your body's not able to function optimally or in the manner to which you might be used to, then your energy is going to be depleted.
Grab a cup of coffee, tea or a tall glass of water and settle in for another Caregiver Coaching Corner.
A Joyful Life with Jennifer I Speaker, Wellness Coach , Yoga (jenniferballou.com)
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