3.11 | Jinn Encounters, Lore and Strange Stories from War

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Since 2,000 years before the age of man, just beyond the veil of our visible world, the Jinn have existed, causing nightmares and influencing the affairs of man with a dark Jinny agenda.. or so the story goes. Are strange encounters of the Jinn (Djinn) on the rise? Are there real modern accounts with these shadowy 'bad actors' experienced today?

Join us as we rub the preverbal lamp, and open pandora's box to explore the reality of Jinn (modern and ancient), explore Jinn myth and lore, and scrape against the boundaries of our own academic religious limitations. We also touch on the horrors of war and some of the things that might be experienced from the heavy energy in war-torn places such as stone tape theory, time loops, ghosts, spirits, fear-eaters and nightmare feeders.

Also.. mind portals, spectrophilia and the importance of being careful where you pee!

--- Learn to draw cool stuff with our friend FANCY CRAFTS ;) ---

SHOW NOTES: https://beliefhole.com/3-11-true-jinn-stories-encounters-and-lore/

EXPANSION EPISODE: 3.11 EXP | Monsters of War - Strange Stories from the Siege



3:26 | Supernatural experiences in War 4:08 | Introducing the Jinn/ Djinn 4:38 | Jinn similarities/differences then Demons, Fairies 6:30 | Jinn exist 'Beyond the Veil' 8:08 | Religion vs Folklore (we are not religious scholars) 8:47 | Jinn as an ancient race, before man 10:52 | Paranormal Wartime Stories (Expansion Setup) 12:17 | Battlefield as a Supernatural Breeding Ground 16:58 | Djinn, Demons, Angles - entities in creation 19:06 | Ghosts in the Desert - Afghanistan War Story | JEN'S STORY25:58 | Expansion Preview - 3.11 EXP - Monsters of War – Strange Stories from the Siege31:42 | Difference between Jinn and Demons, are they everywhere? 35:47 | King Solomon's power over demons and Jinn, Solomonic Magic, King Solomon's Ring 39:21 | Jinn encounters in Modern Times 39:44 | Tree Jinn | STORY 44:26 | Night Stalker - Cleanup in Aisle Terror | STORY 46:33 | What are the attributes of Jinn 50:16 | Iblīs, Azazel, Lucifer - Good Vs Evil 52:27 | Jinn in the Mirror | STORY57:44 | How not to be impregnated by a Jinn 58:59 | To Kill a Jinn a Hodja's STORY1:03:55 | Don't Pee on a Jinn! | STORY 1:07:58 | Lear to Draw w/ Fancy Crafts Shoutout

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