"Fragile" -- Sermon from October 29, 2022

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Pastor Chad invites us to continue exploring the theme of forgiveness in the story of Joseph's "Uncharted Journey". Last week Pastor Stephanie spoke about how forgiving someone isn't about them, it's about us as it frees us from the chains of that hurt allowing us to move forward into the future God intends for us. This week Pastor Chad focuses on the other side of forgiveness, about asking for forgiveness. He suspects others, like him, find it difficult to ask for forgiveness, not because we are unrepentant but because we fear the other person won't accept our apology. Our relationships with others are some of the most fragile things in life. Forgiveness can be the glue needed to repair those relationship that have been broken by our words & actions. Being part of the bigger STORY of our Faith Joseph's story has something to teach us about addressing the needs of our world and of our lives, in this case: the power of forgiveness!

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