Episode 37: "Sensational!!", Raves James Lipton! (Guest: Ahmad Maaty)

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In this episode, Becca puts on her Barbara Walters pants as she interviews her friend, actor Ahmad Maaty, who is commuting between New York City and the DMV area pursuing acting opportunities. Listen as Ahmad talks about his experiences performing in skits written by his dad, and then "Annie" and "Tommy" with Becca, as well as studying at the Actors Studio with James Lipton (including an amazing brush with Lipton himself!). Ahmad will also discuss challenges related to casting and race and appearance, support from his parents, playing evil characters, and which he prefers: Acting, singing, or dancing?
As the episode draws to a close, Tice, Jay and Becca assist Ahmad in a round of Family Feud-style Fast Money. With the questions hand-picked by Jay, things get weird and keep on being weird even as the closing credits music rolls...and beyond.
Instagram: @ahmadmaaty
Twitter: @ahmadmaaty

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