Episode 38: I'm Going to Be Doing Some Yucking Today

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We've got a really sick episode for you this time! Literally, in Tice's case, since at the time of recording he was recovering from a stomach bug and has a raspy/sexy voice from a day of dry heaves. Meanwhile, Becca was also "playing hurt" because we recorded on a weeknight, she was worn out from work, and in her own words, was "subdued". Jay was his usual self, and you, dear listener, may decide whether that counts as a sickness or not.
As we move beyond deciding whether Tice currently sounds more like Peter Brady or Pat Buttram, Jay shares his thoughts on the 3 most important abilities for working in theatre, and it's all very inspiring and wholesome until it turns into advice about 69. Tice comes out guns a-blazin' for "Frazz", a newspaper comic he finds very anti-inspiring. Even in her subdued state, Becca has reactions. For a game round, Jay hosts a round of zodiac trivia, and when our players rise above their mental and physical troubles, it gets ugly.

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