Episode 39: Turn Into a Puppet (Guest- Sarah Marsden)

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Everybody is back from vacay! (Or at least were at the time of this recording...) After we recap our holiday exploits (including Becca's encounter with a genteel palmetto bug), Jay hands Tice the interviewer's cap as we meet remotely with long-term improv collaborator, Sarah Marsden! Join Sarah as she thinks back on making her childhood friends laugh without understanding why. Listen as Sarah remembers meetings Jay and Tice at ComedySportz, DC, and does her impersonations of Kristen Wiig and the Between 2 Butts crew!! Stick around to hear Sarah describe her experiences singing naughty songs with The O'Danny Girls at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and her latest performances at Beer Quest, in her current home of Denver, CO! (She even treats us to a song!) Make sure to listen to this episode; it's one of our silliest yet!
Beer Quest, running through Aug 1, 2021

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