Episode 40: Jay Brain

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Lordy, Lordy...we've reached 40. Appropriately enough for that milestone, we're talking IBS and colonoscopies (although you faithful listeners know that's been our brand since Episode 1). Then, Jay introduces us to the biggest asshole in his life, his own brain, as he leads us in a conversation about self-sabotage and imposter syndrome. Along the way we talk about weight loss and other body changes and how they affect an actor, and we find out that Becca and Tice suffer from Becca Brain and Tice Brain, too. Tice shares that his favorite '90s sketch show "Kids in the Hall" is having a revival, and shows two of the classic sketches, "Is He? (Secretaries)" and "Dipping Areas". Finally, Becca talks about kitties in the MCU and Jay tests her knowledge with a lightning round of MCU trivia!

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