Episode 41: Hold On to your Knitting!

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A roller-coaster episode for sure! First, Jay shares the story of "Remember the Titans" star Ethan Suplee, and talks weight loss and body dysmorphia as a continuation of his Jay-brain series. Then, Tice directs Becca and Jay through a dramatic reading of a recent storyline of Mary Worth, the long-running newspaper drama-strip about a shade-throwing old biddy fixing everybody's problems. This plot brings back memories for Jay, as it features a handsome dude who just can't stop trying to rescue dysfunctional young women, and everyone takes note of a trope in Mary Worth in which every time someone below middle-class is shown, they are surrounded by squalor, filth, decay and splintered relationships. The story escalates into a coffee-tossing slap-fight, and Tice gets so into the role of fowl-mouthed Shawna that he drops a bomb that makes Becca drop her knitting!
If you want to catch up on the best of Mary Worth, or see the comics we are reading, go to The Comics Curmudgeon, where Josh reads the comics so you don't have to.
His commentary on this Mary Worth plotline can be found here.
And the full clip of Ethan Suplee discussing body dysmorphia and his weight loss journey on The Joe Rogan Experience can be found here.

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