Announcing... The Empress Workshop - Erotic Magick for Joy, Pleasure, and Allure

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The Empress Workshop: Erotic Magick for Joy, Pleasure, and Allure

In this workshop, we call in the Empress, pleasure Queen and the tarot avatar of Venus, goddess of love, luxury, beauty and creativity, and we practice her sacred arts. Erotic Magick teaches you how to:

  • Have more fun
  • Embrace eroticism
  • Increase your personal power
  • Turn sensuality into an act of rebellion
  • Boost your confidence
  • Practice magick
  • And Become more fully yourself

Right now the Sun and Venus are both in Taurus. Beltane, the pagan fire holiday celebrating sexuality and fertility, arrives soon to light up our night. We need to make the most of this moment!

In witchcraft our pleasure is not penalized or policed. Our pleasure is holy. We have our glorious senses for a reason. And as long as ye harm none, do as thou wilt. Join us!

This workshop includes:

  • A beautiful PDF initiating you into two of the Empress’s super powers: Pleasure Magick and Fashion Magick (including theory, context, correspondences, and more)
  • A live ritual to enhance your pleasure and allure (+ you’ll get the replay)
  • 3 Simple Spells to Bring Pleasure Magick into Your Everyday Life
  • Empress Tarot Guide
  • Pleasure Magick Reading List
  • An Empress meditation audio recording you can use anytime you want to call in the Goddess of Love
  • + more!

The live ritual happens on May 2 at 11am, but if you can’t make it, the replay will be available within 24 hours.

Your presence is OUR pleasure. We hope you can join us!


THE EMPRESS WORKSHOP and all future workshops are included in your Jupiter level subscriber membership who sign up this month. Click here to subscribe.

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