Episode 28: Morality without God, with Aaron Rabinowitz

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Without a God to author morality, does this leave atheists adrift? What is morality, are there absolute moral truths, and how can we know about them? To examine these questions, we are joined by Aaron Rabinowitz, a PhD student in the Rutgers Graduate School of Education, and the host of two podcasts, Embrace the Void and Philosophers in Space. Aaron explains why the absence of a God actually allows for the creation of objective moral systems, something that should correct biases against atheists. He also tells us about whether a true atheist can be immoral or wish that God existed.

In the bonus content, available exclusively to supporters on Patreon, we talk with Aaron about the infamous “enlightening round” on his podcast Embrace the Void, where he asks guests whether things like God, races, sandwiches, and fictional characters are “real.”

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Check out Aaron’s workshop, “Morality Without God,” running for three weeks in January: ​​https://evergreen.humanitru.com/web/campaigns/the-innerwork-center~winter-spring-2022?attend=id%3A4465&sharer_id=3509&medium=¬es=Listing+Card&remote_id=RSgy

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Check out Nathan’s appearance on Embrace the Void: https://voidpod.com/podcasts/2021/7/15/ev-201-defining-racism-with-nathan-alexander

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