Political Turmoil in Iran

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In September, Iran's morality police arrested a 22-year-old Iranian woman, Masha Amini, for violating rules regarding proper wearing of the hijab, a hair covering required of all women in public. A few days later, her family was informed that Ms. Amini had died in police custody, supposedly from a heart attack, although her family claimed she had died from blows to her head. In the weeks since, protests have erupted across Iran protesting Ms. Amini's death but also challenging the legitimacy of the Iranian regime. The protests have involved thousands of women, including high school and university students, and have expanded to include oil industry workers, medical workers, and lawyers. The Iranian regime seems to be under pressure greater than it has experienced since it came to power in 1979

This episode features a conversation with Providence College political science department's Middle East expert, Professor Gizem Zencirci, to help us understand what is going on in Iran and its wider significance for the Middle East.

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