#468 – Six Marimbas for Christmas

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Here’s a little gift for you on this Boxing Day! An eclectic show with lots of new goodies to feast on, including a couple of current personal favorites.

Eskmo – Polar Bear And Blackbirds (Live With 10 Piece Ensemble) – Ancestor
Kuedo – Vertical Stack – Knives
Steve Reich – Six Marimbas – Nonesuch
Julien Mier – Nearby – Cascade
Jamie Woon – Movement – PMR
Amp Fiddler – Send A Message (Yam Who Edit) – self-released
Tom Misch & Bearcubs – Colours Of Freedom – Beyond The Groove
Chaos In The CBD – Common Unity ft. Archie Pelago – Rhythm Section International
Dego & Kaidi – Moths In Wallets (ft. Mr Mensah) – Sound Signature
Ruth Koleva – What Am I Supposed To (Kaidi Tatham Remix) – Flat Line Collective
Goldlink – Spectrum – Soulection
Offshore – Olympian (Lockah Remix) – Big Dada
Maribou State – Wallflower (Ross From Friends Remix) – Ninja Tune
Rosie Lowe – Worry Bout Us (Machinedrum Edit) – Wolf Tone
Mocky – Time Inflation (Message to R2) – Mocky

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