#470 – Speed Limit

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Join us as we go from 120 to 172 beats per minute in about 90 minutes – from the bouncing beats by Kingdom all the way to the deep drum’n’bass stabs from Rockwell. Let us know how you liked the episode, in the comments below or on Twitter.

Glass Animals – Gooey (Kingdom Remix) – Wolf Tone
Lay-Far – Jump Higher ft. Mark De Clive-Lowe – Local Talk
Kyle Hall – Mysterious Lake – Wild Oats
Wayward x Aprés – Let Me Tell You – Red Bull Studios
Gerry Read – Limp Biscuit Anthem – Timetable
Glass Animals – Pools (Jackson And His Computer Band Remix) – Wolf Tone
Dandario – Absent – DDO Records
Nikitch – Breathin’ – Chateau Brûyant
Day Fly – Hide Me – Tangram
Darkstar – Pin Secure – Warp
Martel Ferdan – Weir Skimmer – Sound Pellegrino
Deep Shoq – After Halftime – Darker Than Wax
Ticklish – Stronger – ticklishofficial.bandcamp.com
Sipp – CF 2191 (Deft Remix) – none
Kelela – The High (Heavee & DJ Spinn Teklife Remix) – Warp
DJ Earl – Open The Door – Teklife
Taso – Saturday VIP – Teklife
Machinedrum – Take Flight (FVLCRVM Remix) – none
Om Unit – Mothership Riddim (feat. Mark Force) – Cosmic Bridge
KRTS – White Privilege – Project: Mooncircle
WU15 – Love’s Gambit – Eglo
Body Language – Really Love (Machinedrum Remix) – B3SCI
Rockwell – Lines Of Ground Glass – Shogun Audio

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