#476 – Worldwide Warmup

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Just as we’re about to embark for the Worldwide Festival again (see you there?) we drop another episode. It’s a good mix of brand new young talents and rock solid, long standing artists. Enjoy the summer (or winter if you’re on that side) with these dope grooves!

Photay – Outré Lux (feat. Madison McFerrin) – Astro Nautico
Richard Spaven – Alfama with Jameszoo – Fine Line
Moonchild – Run Away – Tru Thoughts
Omar – Gave My Heart ft. Leon Ware (Dj Jazzy Jeff Remix) – Freestyle
FKJ – Joy – Roche Musique
Anna Wise – Some Mistakes – none
Tom Misch – Watch Me Dance – Beyond The Groove
Ben Houghton – Beta Blocker (Harvey Sutherland Remix) – Momentary
Marcel Lune – Easy Easy – Local Talk
K15 – Eternal – Wild Oats
Yuri Shulgin – Friendly Circles – 30porumalinha
Jaymo & Andy George – 1968 (The Broken Tape) (Marquis Hawkes Remix) – Moda Black
Atjazz – Track 1 (Mix 1) – Atjazz Record Company
Œil Cube – Lost Flute – Versatile
Jimpster – Where You Are (feat Khalil Anthony) – Freerange
Lone – Chroma – R & S
Ross From Friends – Season 3 – Lit Level
Recloose – Spirit Knows (feat. Mara TK) – Aus Music
Bearcubs – Burning Up – All Points
Jacques Greene – Afterglow – LuckyMe
Little Dragon – Butterflies – Because Music

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