#477 – What Do I Know About Harmonics?

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Here’s a shorter show with a tight selection of our summer playlist. A couple of older tunes, but plenty of very fresh releases from the likes of Photay, Machinedrum, Four Tet, Detroit Swindle and many more. Turn it up!

Photay – Aura – Astro Nautico
K15 – The Speed Of Life – Wild Oats
Youandewan – 4D Anxiety – Aus Music
Letherette – Maybe – Wulf
Eric Lau – Harmonics – First Word
Machinedrum – What Is This ft. Rosie Lowe – Ninja Tune
Throwing Snow – Tesseract – Houndstooth
Dauwd – Theory Of Colours – Technicolour
Kin Klavé – Dancing With Hanuman – none
Four Tet – Planet – Text
Bearcubs – False Mirrors – All Points
Scissorwork – Walking Home – The Other Planet
Detroit Swindle – Just Not Norma ft. Mark de Clive-Lowe – Heist
Tom Misch – Day 4: Everybody Get Down – Beyond The Groove
Liquid Phonk – In The End There Is A Smile – Compost Black Label
Mallard – Surface – Rhythm Section International
D – City Boy (Ambient Mix) – P&D

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