Unlocking our limiting beliefs -Stephanie Kominakis

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Stephanie is a trauma-informed coach who helps both men and women witness their childhood to understand the cycles which keep them from true expansion unlocking these beliefs and patterns allow others to feel truly alive; Steph is also a tarot card reader, birth chart reader, moon cycle host and so much more
In today's episode, we go deep about how to unlock limiting beliefs and release them, allowing us to become the best version of ourselves. We get an insight of what led Steph to live in purpose on purpose, my experiences and transformation through working with her along with so much wisdom, tips and inspiration,
I promise you will leave this episode encouraged that you are able to have it all too to truly unlock any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living in alignment
I am so grateful for you all,
And if you run with your scars rather than use them as an excuse life can be truly abundant.
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