Debbie Stone - Historic Dana–Thomas House in Springfield, Illinois

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On this episode of Big Blend Radio's "Garden Gossip" Home & Garden Show, travel writer Debbie Stones talks about her visit to the historic Dana-Thomas House in Springfield, Illinois. This 12,600-square-foot 1902 home is reportedly the best preserved of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School houses. With this commission, Wright had an unlimited budget, not to mention a coveted opportunity to experiment with his “organic architecture” concepts. His client, Susan Dana, was a progressively-minded, wealthy heiress who wanted a unique home, mainly to entertain, as well as to espouse her own ideas about education and democracy. She hired the architect to “remodel” her deceased father’s place in Springfield and actualize her dreams of creating a showplace for the community – one which would let the world know her city was a model of progress and culture. Read Debbie's story here:

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