Microbial Mystery Author Dr Millicent Eidson

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This episode of Big Blend Radio's 4th Wednesday "Tucson Sisters in Crime" Show features Dr. Millicent Eidson, author of an alphabetical microbial mystery series.

In the first novel “Anthracis,” the spectacular southwestern desert is alive with Bacillus anthracis spores. Maya Maguire, new veterinarian with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, battles the largest and most complex anthrax outbreak in U.S. history. More: https://drmayamaguire.com

The Tucson Sisters in Crime is a local Tucson, Arizona chapter of the international organization Sisters in Crime. They are authors, writers, readers, librarians, editors, publishers, agents, and booksellers with a passion for the mystery genre. They welcome Sisters and Brothers in Crime from everywhere who have an interest in writing, and in the Southern Arizona mystery community. More: https://www.tucsonsistersincrime.org/

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