502: BiggerNews, September: Will Anything Slow Down this Housing Market? with Dave Meyer & Kathy Fettke

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Welcome back to another episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast. Today, we’re trying a new format where David Greene and Dave Meyer bring on an expert in the real estate investing space and talk through all the market trends, legislature, and other factors influencing the housing market and economy.

As our special guest, Kathy Fettke from the Real Wealth Network joins us to talk about housing market predictions in 2021 and beyond, the eviction moratorium (and its effects after ending), and where investors should start looking for opportunities. We touch on economic concepts like supply and demand, how this market compares to 2007’s bubble, why millennials are soon to become the biggest buying cohort in America, and the underbuilding crisis that we’re currently facing.

If you’d like to request a topic for discussion or ask a question, send us an email at podcast@biggerpockets.com with NEWS in the subject line!

In This Episode We Cover:

Housing market predictions for 2021 and beyond

Comparing today’s high values to the values back in 2007

The eviction moratorium and the impact it had on mom and pop landlords

Understanding the difference between the dollar crashing and home values skyrocketing

When we will return to a more “normal” housing market

Why millennials face an uphill battle when trying to purchase homes

And So Much More!

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