Fox’s Jordi Cortes on Suspension, Tuning, & the Mental Side of Racing

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Jordi Cortes spends much of the year on the road, working with Fox’s top racers on their suspension setups, and that has left him with both a wealth of knowledge about suspension setup and a unique perspective on the mental aspects of racing at the top level. So we sat down with Jordi to talk about all that, as well as the importance of consistency; developing working relationships with a huge range of athletes; how the pros’ setups differ from those for mere mortals; and a whole lot more.


  • Offseason, testing and development (1:28)
  • How to approach setup for a new track? (3:40)
  • Suspension tuning as relationship building (8:57)
  • Personal preferences, & variations in setup (10:41)
  • Tuning as a distraction, & the mental battle in racing (19:00)
  • Feeling good vs. being fast (21:20)
  • The myth of the ultra-stiff racer setup (24:48)
  • Incremental changes vs. quantum leaps (27:21)
  • Enduro dual crown forks (36:27)
  • Coil forks (46:55)
  • Fork offset (51:08)
  • Jordi’s Big Idea (55:27)


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