Couch Convos: Inside Centric’s Innovation Lab

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In this episode of Couch Convos: Biz and Tech Talks, we sit down with a few members of our Innovation Lab to talk about their latest accomplishment – the Centric Virtual Assistant.

Our Innovation Lab is familiar with developing meaningful, realizable solutions for our clients and our company. In 2021, we faced a new challenge: could we use the Lab’s innovation process to drive a project that could build teamwork, relationships and skill-building with our technologists worldwide?

In this discussion, we talk to Eric Galluzzo, Carmelita Resh and Shawn Wallace about how the Virtual Assistant Project came to be and how the team brought it all together. With a volunteer team, resources found on an as-needed basis, and a constant pushing-of-the-envelope technological puzzle, they walk through how our culture reinforces itself even when circumstances make things difficult.

Join us for this podcast to see how you can engage team members in an exciting pilot project that builds skills, camaraderie and even a pretty helpful search tool, all at the same time!

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