Couch Convos: Using a Security Logging Framework with Guidewire

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In this episode of Couch Convos: Biz and Tech Talks, we sit down with our Insurance experts to talk about using a security logging framework with Guidewire.

Guidewire is an industry leader core tool in the insurance space. As a Guidewire partner, Centric often works with clients to adapt Guidewire to their unique needs.

Recently, we teamed up with a client to add a security logging framework to their implementation of the system. In this discussion, we talk to Sean Neben, our National Insurance and Guidewire Practice Lead, and Steve Dripps, Architect, about their objective on this project. We also walk through how they adapted the security logging framework to the Guidewire architecture, and the scope of how logging activities can supplement more traditional security measures.

Join us for this podcast about Guidewire’s security logging platform, and see how you can adapt some of these ideas to your own needs.

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