Rethinking Leadership for the Remote and Hybrid Workplace

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In this episode of our Biz and Tech Talks podcast, we’re talking about how leaders need to rethink their leadership styles in the remote and hybrid workplace.

It’s now early 2022, and many of us thought we’d be back in the office full-time by July of last year. It seems we were wrong about that! But what we weren’t wrong about is how many people enjoy working remotely.

In fact, according to the Qualtrics Future of Work in 2021 Report, 80 percent of us like doing work – at least some of the time – from somewhere besides our offices.

Permanently adopting a remote or hybrid workplace strategy will be a big change for all of us with a different kind of change for managers, executives and leaders everywhere. We can’t expect to be in the same place, seeing the same motivational posters on the walls, and hanging out in the same break room to keep us connected and visible. It takes more than that.

In this conversation, Larry English, president of Centric Consulting and author of “Office Optional: How to Build a Connected Culture with Virtual Teams,” talks about what’s needed to lead and develop people in this new environment. Join us to hear more!

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