2.34 - Scene of the Crime

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After completing their paperwork, our coterie received a threatening message from the Pyramid! Everett (Tyler Hewitt, @Tyler_Hewitt) questioned Evangeline (Laura Hamstra, @elhamstring) to make sure she was alright investigating the Children of Lilith - which she didn’t appreciate - while Val (Del Borovic, @deltastic) offered to kidnap Teddy. Meanwhile Doris (Clare Blackwood, @clareblackwood) learned a spell to create a blood stone tracker, and Alabaster Kane lectured the group on the 6 laws of the Camarilla! What will happen now that the Pyramid clearly want Doris for themselves? Featuring our returning Storyteller Ryan LaPlante (@theryanlaplante).

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Blood & Syrup’s artwork was created by the brilliant Del Borovic.

Website & Portfolio: http://delborovic.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/deltastic

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