Episode 146 - Using Tabletop Games In-Person in a Socially Distanced Classroom

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In this week’s episode of Board Gaming with Education, Dustin shares his experience with using tabletop games in person this past summer. He talks about different games he has used and tips for implementing them and keeping students distanced.

  • Episode Topics
    • Board Gaming with Education - Board Gaming with Education Webstore
    • Tip #1: Check out party games! - 4:02
    • Tip #2: Personal Whiteboards - 8:06
    • Tip #3: Connect Your Phone Camera to Your Computer to Project the Board - 13:41
    • Tip #4: Check out roll and write games - 17:58
    • Tip #5: Go outside - 19:20

Check out our board game store for a curated collection of board games for learning at home and in the classroom: https://www.boardgamingwitheducation.com

Thank you to Purple Planet Music for the wonderful contribution of their song "Retro Gamer" for our Interview Segment. This song can be found in full on this music archive. Also, thank you to Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) for his creative commons 4.0 contribution of "Getting it Done" for our Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down Rapid Fire Round.

Always be sure to check out our show notes (website blog post) to read a recap of the episode topics and games mentioned in the episode.


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