104 \\ Is It Okay to Take a Time Out from Your Stepfamily? One Powerful Way to Step Back from Stepmom Stress

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How many days have you gotten out of bed, and as your feet hit the floor, you're thinking of the things that you need to do and how full the day is and how there may not be enough time and the anxiety that you might be feeling over what's going on that day, especially when it has something to do with step kids???!!!
Actually, all these things happen before your feet hit the floor, right? Because our brains are going a g'zillion miles a minute. How do you slow down that freight train? Well, I propose it all starts with a Stepmom Timeout with Jesus!
If you're having trouble hearing from God, check out Episode #103 Are You Struggling to Understand God’s Will for Your Life? 5 Steps to Hearing From God

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  • Experience confidence in your role, without the stigma of being the 2nd wife!
  • Be understood by your husband and put first – ahead of your man’s ex and his kids.
  • Find your voice and regain control in your stepfamily, God's Way.

Are you tired of being exhausted, frustrated, and left out, Stepmom? It's time to become an insider - with influence in your stepfamily. Details coming soon for the 90 Day Deep Dive Bootcamp starting January 2023! Don't miss it!
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Be strong, and let your heart be courageous, all you who put your hope in the Lord.
Psalm 31:24

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