MetaVerse / Web3 = Internet Revolution (Wilder World, NFT, Crypto)

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On today’s episode of Bold Perceptions we have a loaded show. The Bookman returns for a third time fresh off of selling his own wildly successful business. What is he doing next? Investing and diving head first into a topic you may or may not have heard of: The Metaverse. The revolution of the internet has began and Web3.0 seems to be inevitable. Why should you care? Would you have liked to know about the tech boom prior to it happening? What about the social media market? If the answer is no- this may not be for you. However, we take a deep dive in with The Bookman. The metaverse we look at is Wilder World, which has not yet launched but gives a perfect peak behind the curtain as to what is about to become possible. The world is changing- ignore it and carry on or educate yourself and adapt.

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