Popping Your American Bubble With Exposure, Go Where You Are Treated Best™ w/ Foreign Strategies

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Bold is BACK. On episode 159 we welcome TBob, the creator of the booming YouTube channel “Foreign Strategies.” Currently in Texas, TBob owns and cash flows off of properties in the USA and Mexico. When he started living in Scotland, he was exposed to the many things he was once taught being a lie. In turn, this led him down the rabbit hole of exposing himself to different truths and ideas on his pursuit of the truth. He goes in deep regarding ways to take advantage of the system in the sense that there are pros everywhere outside of the bubble that you conceive exists. Once you figure out the truth of the system and the levers you can pull, the whole world changes. Money flows, social relationships triple, and your confidence overall skyrockets. TBob and Nick go into how to identify your current system's hacks, learning the truths, rockstar / professional athlete treatment, questioning mediocrity, the foreign dating matrix, and how to unlock a different dimension of possibilities. Photo Credit: Hunter Thompson In Cozumel (Playboy Magazine) Title Credit: Go Where You Are Treated Best™ - Nomad Capitalist

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