Unlocking Your Subconscious Power (Hypnotherapy 101) w/ Farrah Dyer

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On today’s episode of Bold Perceptions we welcome the mysterious Farrah Dyer. Farrah owned and operated her own Experiential Marketing business, at first enjoying a colossal revenue stream from clients like Nike, American Express, the Golden State Warriors, Google, and more. She found herself to be unfulfilled and realized she was going through the motions for the wrong reason. From there she found her love for the human subconscious brain, meditation, and ultimately Hypnotherapy. Farrah and George discuss what is hypnotherapy, how do you identify subconscious brain blockages, the impact it has on her clients, what social anxiety really is, humans innate goodness, and a lot more topics covering the human brain and our biological need for connection explained. Reach out to Farrah if interested in going through any hypnotherapy sessions or just listen to this episode for a look into exactly what this can do for your success.

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