Episode 155 - Death on the Nile with Our Mystery Man John Valeri

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#BuddyRead! We had a fun time talking with our Mystery Man, JOHN VALERI, about Agatha Christie’s DEATH ON THE NILE, both her novel and Kenneth Branagh’s new adaptation. Spoiler alert: mixed reviews. Other books we read and discuss in this episode did not have mixed reviews. We both had some good reads! THOMAS MERTON: An Introduction to His Life, Teachings, and Practices by Jon M. Sweeney (audio) THE YEAR OF THE HORSES by Courtney Maum EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM WILL SOMEDAY BE DEAD by Emily Austin MARRYING THE KETCHUPS by Jennifer Close LUCKY GIRL, HOW I BECAME A HORROR WRITER: A KRAMPUS STORY by M. Rickert PYTHON FOR EVERYBODY by Charles Severence We also had some outstanding #biblioadventures both online and in person. We especially enjoyed celebrating Independent Bookstore Day close to home at Breakwater Books and Syd’s Book Shack. What are we reading now? Several things, including the current Book Cougars readalong book, TWO OLD WOMEN by Velma Wallis. We hope you enjoy! And if you do enjoy, please consider leaving a review wherever you listen to us. Reviews can help other listeners find the podcast. Thanks!

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