What We’d Build (If Not This)

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Brian and Jordan are back behind the mic and are powered by the chilly fall weather and some pretty strong cold brew. Are you ready for the most random Bootstrapped Web episode yet?

How do you navigate the Catch-22 that is operations versus growth? If you were to jump into a completely different niche or industry right now, what business would you start? Brian and Jordan are answering some of your questions and topics submitted through Twitter.

If you have any questions, comments, or topic ideas for Bootstrapped Web, leave us a message here

Here are today’s conversation Points:

  • Operations versus growth
    • In SaaS versus as a freelancer
    • What you need to do in order to not interrupt the forward momentum
    • Invite-only feature launch with ZipMessage
    • Does funding really help extend your roadmap?
    • The Catch-22 of growth and operations
  • New and different niches and industries
    • Time away for research
    • AI-driven tech
    • Media businesses in the modern web
      • YouTube, TikTok, OnlyFans, etc.
      • Different use cases for almost anything
    • Separating passion from a career?
  • The formatting of new podcasts
  • Types of tweets and content on Twitter


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