Sleep Story 177 – Highways and Highway Transportation

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Tonight’s reading comes from, Highways and Highway Transportation. This book was published in 1923 and written by George R Chatburn My name is Teddy and I aim to help people everywhere get a good night’s rest. Sleep is so important and my mission is to help you get the rest you need. The podcast is designed to play in the background while you slowly fall asleep. I’m truly honoured that you have chosen this podcast to help you fall asleep.If you’re a regular listener of the show and want to say thank you, a great way to support the show is to become a Patreon or Sponsor at I am grateful for everyone who sponsors the show with a financial contribution, regardless of how small that may be. Every contribution helps me bring out more episodes to allow people everyone to get a good nights rest.In the meantime, lie back, relax and enjoy the readings. Sincerely. Teddy --- Support this podcast:

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