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Last week we talked about how to do a little mini audit on your business to see how the last quarter went. This sets you up to plan your next quarter! Knowing your business inside and out is pretty important, and when you take the time to do these quarterly audits, you save time when it comes to the (sometime overwhelming) quarterly plan. But, you may be wondering… how do I actually plan for a whole quarter?! Mom life, entrepreneurship, it is all so unpredictable and 3 months seems like a really long time, right? Of course it is! BUT, like with everything I teach the key is creating a flexible plan. So, today we are going to talk about the process I use to plan my quarters:

How To Create Your Plan

Start With Your Priorities

Choose 1-3 Big Goals

Map Out Promos

Choose Monthly Focus

Create Content Plan

And that’s it! Following these simple steps, paired with the quarterly reviews we covered last week, will get your set up to crush it quarter after quarter! Do you have a quarterly plan? Let me know at megan@bossladiesandbabies.com

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