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This month we are focusing on cleaning up our businesses… or as I like to call it Spring Cleaning Your Business! One of the biggest thing that has helped me clean up my business is getting some solid SOPs in place. You’ve heard me talk about these before, but you may still be wondering “what even is an SOP”... don’t worry, I’m about to break it down for you. SOPs stands for Standard Operating Procedures. So this is basically creating (and sometimes, really just writing down) anything that you do in your business on a regular basis… anything you do on repeat. Your SOP breaks down each step, expectation, and outcome of your every day business tasks. Why do you need these? Because the more plans you have laid out in your business, the easier it is to make sure you don’t miss a step! SOPs lead to ultimate organization! Here are my favorite tips on how to create SOPs for your business, today! Review Your Business Operations Get Detailed On The Steps Of TheProcess Decided Where To Store Your SOP That's it! The SOP opportunities are endless. Do you have SOPs for your business? How have they helped? Let me know at LAST CHANCE to join the Spring Clean Your Business FREE 6 Day Challenge: --- Support this podcast:

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