Ep. 73: Rona Wheeldon (Flowerona)

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Today we’re visiting with Rona Wheeldon, founder of UK-based Flowerona, to chat about:
  • the life challenge she says led to her career change into the floral industry
  • dealing with 'comparison syndrome'
  • defining creativity
  • making a living as a blogger (get ready to hustle!)
  • the importance of photography in building a successful blog
  • her favorite social media tool for automating posts
  • her Instagram for Florists online course
  • her most liked Instagram post
  • two common Instagram mistakes
  • her thoughts on the future of video platforms for building a business
  • what she does to relax and refuel

Website | Instagram | Under the Floral Spell | In the Floral Spotlight

Instagram for Florists Online Course | YouTube

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Co-Hosts: Amy McGee (Botanical Brouhaha) + Maggie Bailey (Bramble & Bee)

BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Landon McGee

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