Laurel Bank Campground: More Than A Vacation

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Campgrounds are a way of life in Western North Carolina – and have been long before the current camping craze which helped bring more than 12-million visitors to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park last year. BPR went to Laurel Bank Campground in Haywood County. Camping there is more than a weekend activity or a vacation. It’s life – and family. Sherrie Lynn McArthur still remembers growing up at Laurel Bank Campground in Cruso. She is now 66 years old. “I was raised here, went to school on the school bus from the campground. People would say, ‘you smell like a campfire.’ And I look at them and say, ‘I live in a campground.’ And they never really understood that, but the camp has been here for a long time,” said McArthur. McArthur’s father Harold Crawford started building the campground in the late 1960s and put up the first official site in 1970. “This property that the campground is, [it] was a very old poor pasture for cattle, horses and hogs. He first built this swimming hole

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