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This is a podcast for people working in food and drink BRANDS, looking at NEW product development, innovation and marketing, and understanding how TASTE is vital for success. Brandt Maybury and Micah Carr-Hill are product developers and taste experts, having developed 100's of successful products for leading brands such as Green & Black's, Cawston Press, Heinz, New Covent Garden, Waitrose and well over 100 ambitious start-ups. They both have a unique blend of product development and marketing experience, whilst sharing an obsession for all things 'taste' and believe that food and drink should never be style over substance. In 2017 they founded Tastehead, the London-based food and beverage development agency, working with brands of all sizes to develop and launch new and often highly-innovative products. In these episodes, Micah and Brandt share their expertise, insights and stories from their careers that will hopefully guide and inspire marketeers, founders, sales people and many others to achieve greater success for their business. New episodes out every other Thursday. Please consider subscribing so that you never miss one! Visit to learn more.

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