BYP 290: Avoid These SEO Mistakes (Especially If You Do NOT Have A Big Audience) with Robby Fowler

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Truthfully, I haven't paid much attention to SEO (search engine optimization) over the years. My thinking was that my site would never get enough traffic to really warrant playing the SEO game. I could not have been more wrong.

Robby Fowler joins me today and together we are going to unpack how we are trying to fix my SEO. The bottom line is that Google doesn't know which "Mike Kim" I am, and when Google is confused then I put myself in a position to confuse people who search for me.

Tune in and you'll learn:

  1. Why you must think of yourself as an "entity" rather than just one site or person on the internet

  2. The surprising reason why I need to delete old blog posts from my site (even top-performing ones)

  3. Why I setup a "Google My Business" location-based account even though I am a digital nomad

  4. How I screwed up my blog categories on my site all these years (and what I'm doing to fix it)

  5. Why you should pay MORE attention to SEO if you have a smaller following, and not the other way around

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